Our first Christmass back in California

Dec 24/25th, 2003

Ate Christmas dinner at Sheila and Marco's house. Marco Cooked a Six Star dinner (better than a five star resturant)
Christmas day Sara Models a Santa Hat
Sara in "The Cage" with her Christmas Santa Hat
Sara and Michelle waiting for santa to bring toys.
The Twins opening gifts
Sheila helping the Girls play with a Barney song book
I think Sheila likes to play with the toys, more than she admits, and is having trouble sharing.
Sheila opening her Gift
Because of his great Love of McDonalds food, Marco gets McDonald gift certificates
Marco opens his real gift, a calendar with beautiful scenary
Marco watches and videos the girls playing with Christmas toys.
Shiela and Vivian
A picture from 2002 of Marco Sheila and the Twins.
Ya'll come on back next Christmas,
you hear

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Last Updated: 25 Dec., 2003.
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