Sheila and Marco and their twin daughters Michelle and Sarah Visit the Mid West.

We met them in Minneapolisis, at the Mall of America
August 16th, 2003

Pictures from Mall of America are in Development and will be put up later.

Visit to Marshfield.

We visited JURUSTIC PARK and observed some of the wild life from the imagination of Clyde Wynia.
Vivian standing by a real Junkyard Dog.
Vivian being chased by a T rex of sorts.
Sheila standing by a delivery Stork, the real stork brought her twins.
Frank By another monster.
Then we visited the tranquil Fox Fire Gardens, seen here a quiet lake.
A pond.
Two turtles on a rock in the pond.
Japanese Rock Garden, not much water needed here.
Sarah sitting in the weeds.
Michelle enjoying the grass as well.
A visit to the WildWood Park Zoo in Marshfield, were we were greated by a Bear, soaking in his hot tub.
A cougar in a cage.
Some prarie Dogs (monkey pox free).
Marco and Sheila bring the girls across a bridge
Sarah in a stand off with some ducks and a goose.

Wisconsin Dells

August 19th - 21st., 2003
Then down to the SandDrift Resort in the Wisconsin Dells, where Sheila has the girls on some swings.
Marco make Sarah wave while Vivian and Sheila watch and Michelle eats
Marco swinging Sarah
Vivian, Sheila and Sarah.
Sheila Plays in the sand with the girls
Vivian helps Michelle swing
Sheila, Vivian and the girls by the swings again.
Proud Moma Sheila and Sarah
Sarah chases some ducks.
The ducks escape to live another day
Vivian Feeding ducks.
Vivian feeding ducks
Vivian feeding ducks, do you get the idea that she like feeding ducks?
Stuffed ducks
Marco swinging the girls, from the back view.
Marco swinging the girls front view
Vivian by the water.
Marco swinging the girls again
Marco swinging the girls again, do you get the idea that they like the swings?
More ducks

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