San Diego, California

Theo is a Westie Terrier,

who just happens to live in San Diego California. He (and his owners) invited us down for a weekend. We had a great time. Here are some pictures from the adventure.

A picture of Denise, Vivian and of course Theo.

Greg, Vivian and Denise (kissing the Indian) in front of a Cigar store In Down Town, San Diego.

Vivian & Denise Two Peas in a Pod.

Theo, Denise and Frank posing at Theo's home.

Theo and his Mother, Denise. What a Cute pair.

Frank & Vivian relaxing at Theo's house.

Greg, Denise & Theo What a cute Family.

Denise & Vivian by another Cigar Store Indian, this time in Old Town.

Denise & Vivian in front of a fountian at Old Town.

Frank & Vivian in front of a fountian at Old Town.

Theo wore out after a weekend of guests.

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Last Updated: 6 June, 1999.

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