Date Line: Lodi California Feb. 2005

On the Road Again, with the Paganinis

A camping they will go

Wanting to live the true American Dream, Sheila and Marco are now the proud owners of an Recreational Vechile.

Marco and Sara exit the vechile upon ariving in Lodi, at our house.

Thats a lot of RV!
Before the camping begins, a hearty meal is consumed. It would have been a 6 star dining experience, but for a small problem with some burned artichokes.
It also happened to be the twin's (Michelle left and Sara on Sheila's lap) birthday, so some cake was sacrificed for the occasion.
A quick trip up to Comanche Lake in the RV. Here the Paganinis in front of their new home on wheels.
The two girls dressed for the weather at Comanche lake.
A shot of Comanche Lake.
Another shot of Comanche Lake.
Vivian at Comanche Lake.
Sheila and Vivian at Comanche Lake.
Sheila, Vivian and Sara at Comanche Lake.
The Paganini's returning from a hike around the lake.

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