Laughlin River Run

If you want to see a lot of motorcycles, and bikers,
Then just show up at the Laughlin River Run
Very large motorcycle Ralley, with an estimated 50,000 Bikers attending

We stayed at the Aquarius Casino this year.
There are many lots full of bikes.

We went to a concert by Thundherstruck. They are and Ac/DC Triubute band, which play pretty well. Their regular drummer was not available but the original drummer from AC/DC stepped in.
We went around looking at the bikes on display.

They had new bikes, custom made from many different designers
They also had many nice bike accessaries.

Weather was good, mid to high 80's, after walking around we spent some time in the refreshment tent (Frank pictured).
Then we went to the Hawaiian Tropics tallent show.

You have to give the tallent its due when you see it..

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Last Updated: 29 April, 2008.
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