On Vivian's Birthday
We had a suprise party at Jebelli's house
Jebelli and his sweetheart Azie showing off her engagement ring, what a cute couple
Another pair of love birds, Alan and Diane

Angela and Curt were also at the party
Bud Bundy, as Grand Master "B" showed at the party. He's gotten a little older and has a kid now.

No wait! its Brian Bietel and his new daughter.

Now the real serous party animals, Sylvia, Jeff and Frank.
Vivian blowing out the candles
More candle blowing
Frank and Vivian posing for the camera
Curt exausted the next day

Was it the party,

or was it Angela?

Thank you all for the great gifts
Lana for the sentual oil candles and body oils

Syliva and Jeff for the Cake and beautiful Silk Scarf

Jebelli and Azie for the Party

Vivian's nieces for the beanie baby dog

card from Curt, Angela, and Lana
Card from Sylvia and Jeff

card from Frank

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