A trip to Lodi for Some Wine tasting

Before we could leave our friend Bruce started calling multiple members of our party keeping some of them on the phone for 45 minutes. He called us 3 times before we got out of LA. He was invited on the trip but he Bruced out.
However after a long car trip and many more phone calls from Bruce, we made it to Lodi wine country. Here Tracy and Vivivan are enjoying some great wine tasting.
More phone calls from Bruce, Jeff's battery just about overheated from the number of calls.
Back to enjoying the wine, Tracy and Jeff toast each other (or was it that they were getting toasted).
We found a winery and label we all agreed was very interesting. We were going to buy Bruce a bottle of wine from there, but since he does not drink we did not think he would find anything appealing about it.
Bruce although invited on the trip stayed home (he said of his own accord), but judging from the number of calls we got he secretly wished he was on the trip.
We hooked up with Jane and Jeff, here they are pictured with Vivian.
again more calls from Bruce.
we saw a smiling dog, that Jeff taught to smile, or at least he said it was a smile.
Many of the wineries we visited had won many medals.
Here we are enjoying lunch at the Lodi Brewery, with only 2 phone calls from Bruce during lunch.
The group in front of a statue in Lodi Town Square. We snuck that in between Bruce's phone calls.

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Last Updated: 25 Sept, 2011.
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