La Jolla California June 2004

Time for another trip south to our little place in La Jolla

First Stop, Santa Clara California

Sylvia opens the door to her mansion as we arrive. We had not seen Sylvia in almost two years.
We had a great dinner at an Italian Resturant at the table are Jeff, Sylvia, Vivian and Frank
Sylvia and Frank outside the resturant.
Carl and Sue Schumacher made a trip down to La Jolla to vist us (and pick up some champaign we brought from Lodi).
Sue and Vivian in the condo.
A great lunch in Mission Beach. The most unbelieveable thing is Carl paid for lunch.
Back at the condo, Vivian with Loni and Blazer.
Vivian and Loni making a Salad.
Frank and Loni.
Our neighbor Emil is originally from France and is a wine Lover, who likes to share his passion.
Kim and Vivian on the couch, at Emil's place.
Loni and Kim on the couch at Emil's.
Kim and Vivian on the couch, at Emil's place.
Vivian enjoying some of Emil's wine.
Loni does a yoga pose, I think mainly to show off her just done manicure and pedicure.
Frank and Vivian.
Loni performing some other yoga moves.
A picture of Wind n Sea Beach.
Another beach shot.
And Another.

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