We spent another week in La Jolla visiting with friends and enjoying the sites

Sept 27 - Oct 4th, 2003

Make a Wish Foundation

First stop was the Make a Wish Foundation fund raiser at the Sliver Yacht club in Point Loma. Lots of Good food, good Friends and they raised over 100k dollars with this event.
Kevin and Denise were at the fund raiser, but their raffel tickets did not yield any returns.
Vivian enjoying the food, but blinks at the critical time when the picture is being taken. Contrary to popular belief that she fell asleep at the table

Down by the Harbor

Frank in front of the downtown skyline by the harbor.
Vivian by the harbor in front of the skyline.
Vivian at another spot in the Harbor.
Loni and Vivian back at the condo
Vivian and I went to eat at Milano's Pizza.
Vivian enjoying Milano's Pizza

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water

The Beitels

They are multiplying at an alarming rate. There has been a 100% increase in kids, since we saw them last. Wendy, Chloe, Brian, Jolie, Whitmann, and Kylie

Cowa Bunga Dude

Brian hits the waves
Brian Hanging Ten (surfer talk)
Angela and Wendy look on at the studly performance of Brian
Brian Catching a Wave.
Another shot of Brian showing great surfing form
Frank and Angela at Windnsea Beach
Vivian at the beach.

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