We spent a week in La Jolla visiting with friends and enjoying the sites

Sept 6-14, 2003

We drove to Temecula to meet some friends for Lunch. This is a picture of the main entrance to Old Town Temecula's main Old Town Street
Here is a picture of Frank, with Sue, Carl and Wes.
Now Vivian, Sue Carl and Wes.
Vivian and Sue fight for the affection of their new found friend.
Vivian, Wes and Sue talking in front of one of the shops.

Back in La Jolla

By popular demand a picture of the front of the condo.
A picture of the South End of Windansea beach.
Way south end of Windansea Beach.
Rocks at Windansea Beach
Out croping of rocks at Windansea Beach.
North End of Windansea Beach
The Beach at Windansea Beach.

La Jolla Shores

Vivian in La Jolla Shores
A shot of La Jolla Shores beach boat launch area.
A picture of the beach at La Jolla Shores.

Aerospace Museum at Balboa Park

Front of the Aerospace Museum at Balboa Park.
Vivian in front of a Jet Engine Cowling.
Picture of early powered flight plane
Red Barron memoribelia.
SIGMA 7 Embolem, sorry about the glare
Sigma 7 Space capsule
Ryan X-13 Plaque
The Ryan X-13 plane itself
World War II bomber cockpit
Fighter plane from WWII.
Bell Cobra helocopter picture
Bell Cobra Hellocoptor in the flesh (steel so to speak)
F-4 on display.
Picture of fully armed modern aircraft carrier
Picture of WWII aircraft carrier fighter plane with wings folded up.
SR-71 Black Bird in front of the museum
Vivian with some new friends she made at the museum

Back in La Jolla

Lonie with her child Blazer.
Vivian, Lonie and Blazer

Trip to Coronado

We took a drive to Coronado.
Vivian at the bay infront of the bridge which connects San Diego with Coronado
Frank By the bay and bridge.
Vivian by bay and Bridge
Vivian by Bay and Bridge.
You Get the Idea
Scienic View of the Bay.
Rocky Beach
Vivian by Rocky Beach.
Vivian By Rocky Beach with Hotel Coronado in the distant background
Scienic View of the Bay.
Frank By Bay
Vivian By Bay.
Birds by Bay

Windansea Beach, La Jolla, CA

Sunset Windansea.
Sunset Windansea
Sunset Windansea.
Sunset Windansea
Sunset Windansea.
Sunset Windansea, Frank & Vivian in Shadow
Sunset Windansea, Vivian in Shadow.

Night Out with Denise (Little Italy then her place)

Dinner in Little Italy with Denise (Vivian, Denise and Frank)
Back to Denise's house for a visit with Theo.

Back to Windansea

Theo Takes Vivian and Denise for a walk at the beach
Windansea Surf Club has a Luau the second Sunday of Sept every year going back to the 50's, and they were at Windansea beach again for fun, food and surf competition.
Close up of Hut with surf boards on side
More pictures of the party.
Another shot
More fun and festivities.

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