Moving back to Southern California

We headed back down south with the crusier packed to the brim, to camp out in La Jolla. Pictured is Vivian resting after the trip.
Frank resting after the trip.
We thought Sue might be there from this picture.
Or Sue was in this picture.
But is was Vivian and Lani snuggeling with each other.
Lani Joined us in relaxing watching the ocean.
And so did Blazer.
Checking out Windnsea beach.
We took some pictures down on the beach.
More beach pictures.
Even some more.
Ursula and Emil stopped by.
We had an Impromptu dinner by the beach.
We ate as the sun set.
Some more sun set pictures.
Another SunSet.
Lani and Ursela working on Lani's tiles.
The party gets roudy and Vivian starts to drink all the wine right from the bottle.
Frank and Ursela enjoying some vino.
Blazer joins the party. Unfortunately there was an incident with some bread and Cheese.

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Last Updated: 21 Aug, 2005.
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