We spent a week in southern California, Starting in La Jolla, heading to the Inland Empire and then Palm Springs for a Medical Conference

Feb 21 - Mar1, 2003

La Jolla,CA

Heather, Vivian and Angela, enjoy breakfast at the Beach condo.
Heather and Vivian by the breakfast nook.
Karen, Vivian and Allan at Wind&Sea Beach in La Jolla.
Wind&Sea Beach, La Jolla, just before a big storm.
Another picture of the surf from wind&Sea Beach just before a big storm.
Vivian, Angela and Heather in Old Town San Diego.
The Aerospace museum at Balboa Park, SD (Vivian, Angela & Heather in front).
Main Fountain at Balboa Park, SD.
Angela in front of a large cactus Balboa Park, SD.


Hotel Coronado view from the front.
Vivian, Angela, Mark and Valerie by the beach on Coronado.
Valerie, Mark, Vivian, Angela and Frank by the beach on Coronado.
frank in front of the hotel coronado.
Hood ornaments in the Automotive Museum at Balboa Park, SD.
Fat Harley at Automotive Museum at Balboa Park, SD.
1917 Harley, Automotive Museum Balboa Park, CA.
Authentic Shelby GT at the Automotive Museum Balboa Park, SD.
Allan, Vivian and Karen, in front of a Tucker at the Automotive Museum Balboa Park, SD.
Vivian at Torrey Pines Golf Course.
Karen, Vivian and ALlan at Torrey Pines Golf Course.

The Inland Empire

Angela with Diane & Allan Connelly's baby.
Vivian sitting with Diane Connelly.
Jebelli and Azi getting the food ready.
Jebelli looking at a pint size Iranian cucumber and letting his imiganation run wild.
Vivian chokes as Diane holds another pint size Iranian cucumber.
Jebelli pretending to blow out the candles on a cake, while Sadam (who seems to be smiling) is in the back ground. It is no coinsidence that Jebelli's initials are BJ (Babek Jebelli).
Heather, Brenna, Mike, Karen, Jebelli and Angela are waiting to start eating.
Jebelli in front of a pizza

Palm Springs

Califorina Pizza Kitchen

We Met Carl, Ken and Sue at the California Pizza Kitchen in Palm Springs one night after the medical confrence.

Sue can't help her self after Carl promises to visit seattle (this has been a standing promise for over 10 years).
Ken has the same reaction to Carl's promise to visit him in Seattle.

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