Howdy you'll. Just back from a month trip to Houston Texas.

Vivian in front of the first place she went to in Houston. Just can't escape that Italian food.
Frank with his shiny new bike

Frank's cousin Antonette lives in Houston with her husband Eric. Frank and Antonette had not seen each other in over 20 years.

Antonette, Frank and Vivian at the Rain Forest Cafe.
Eric, Antonette, and Vivian
We also hooked up for some fun and diner with Lance, a friend Frank make on a previous trip to Houston. Lance works at Baylor as the database manager for the department of Pediatric Cardiology. Lance likes Rock music and Bevis and Buthead.

While we were there we made a trip to the houston space center

Vivian at Johnson Space Center
We got a tour of the old mission control, which was used for the firts space flights, through the lunar landing, and for a long time on shuttle missions, up till about 1998.
Vivian by a big Rocket Engine
In the museum they had a Mercury Capsule
They had an Apollo capsule
A lunar Rover
Moon Walk
They had space suits
A lunar lander
Titan Rocket
We got a tour of the shuttle trainer
and the new International Space Station Trainer
Frank by a mockup of the next planned shuttle design.
Frank Visited the Houston Museum of Fine Arts and took a tour of the Star Wars Exhibit (visit the House of Jedi)

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Last Updated: 19 March, 2001.
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