Gating at the Gridiron

In the new Pfieffer Mobile, we are headed for some San Francisco 49'er games for some mean tailgating

Inaugural Voyage in the Party Bus.

Vivian Jeff, Amy and Gwen prepare to board.
Frank jumps in to be surounded by women.
Tailgating experts Vivian and Gwen, sit back and wait for the food and fun to begin. Other tailgating 49er fans in the background.
Tailgating was interupted by the game. Here the military has rolled out a large flag, and the national anthem played.
The chearleaders are lined up as the players prepare to run out of the Cialis tunnel (How exciting, the bouncing chearleaders that is).
A shot of the score board, and the 49er banner on the side of the stands.
The girls having some fun back at the party wagon after the game and on the way home.
Desperate for a win The Niner Nipple was brought to the game. It was rubbed for good luck by many niner fans, some would even rub their own nipples after touching it. And it Worked! The niners pulled victory from the jaws of defeat that game. Shown from left to right are Ed, Mike, Frank, Jeff and Chris, under the fantabolus Niner Nipple


However, during the Game, Ed was not able to tear himself away from the real nipple action on the field.

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