A weekend in Wisconsin Dells with Roger and Di Odell

August 23-25, 2002

Diane, Vivian and Roger in the cabin when we arrived.
Di was impressed by the horse power of the SkiDoos.
Di fell in love with a bear sculped out of a log while Roger looks on.
Di checking out a bench with a moose and bear.
Di trying out the bench.
Vivian testing out a bench herself.
Vivian standing by a carved bear.
Frank and Roger on a bench by the cabin.
Vivian and Di sitting on a carved bear bench.
Trojan Horse seen by one of the attractions in Wisconsin Dells.
Another shot of the Trojan Horse.
Di and Vivian Taking out a paddel boat.
Di considering her options for getting started.
Vivian and Di getting the boat away from the shore.
Out and paddeling.
Vivian and Di with a victorius return after making a loop around the lake bay.
Di and Vivian coasting into shore.
Vivian sitting at a table by the beach.
Di just won't give up the orr.
Frank sitting in the shade by the shore.
Vivian starts attracting Ducks.
A mother duck with ducklings shows up.
Vivian, Di and Roger, eating a birthday cake for Vivian.
King Neptune, Roger, emerges from the lake.
View of the bay from the shore.
Scenery from the cruise boat.
Another view of the shore.
Vivian and Di meditating on the cruise.
I guess they are awake now.
Roger and Frank enjoying the cruise.
Another view of the shore.
Sunset during the cruise.
Another view of the sunset.
one more view of the sunset.
Vivian on the boat.
Roger and Di coming back from a romantic walk during the cruise.
The SandDrift Resort where we stayed.
Vivian standing on the shore before leaving.
Vivian's ducks return for more feedings.
Moma ducks and 9 ducklings.

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