The Cat House

Cats are wonderful Criters

I have loved cats my entire life. When growing up we had cats at my grandmothers house, and I would love to pet their fur, and hold them and have them purr. They are great friends, and fun and purr even when you pull their tail. I'm crazy about cats, thats why I have this page.

Slinky , was my last crazy cat. I had her for 15 years, but she was called to a higher place. She is the best cat I have had, until the next one. I got her as a $10 special, at the pet store. Dosen't she have beautiful long white Wiskers and eyebrows?

Whitney, was a neurotic cat I had when I lived with my grandmother and grandfather. She would never let anyone pet or hold her. It was a struggle for me to grab her and hold her down to brush her. She would hide in the basement, and the only person who would see her was my grandmother, who would put out a stick of butter for her to eat. My sister never saw her in over 10 years. .This is the only picture in existance of Whitney.

Another shot of slinky . Isn't she cute?

Slinky, again. Look at her cute white paws. Isn't she the cats MEOW?

Houston we have a Problem!

Here is a picture of slinky on a space walk during her Shuttle mission. They had to make a special suit to accommodate her tail.

Slinky, on her scubadiving trip to the Bahamas.

In an plot to steal Easter Eggs, Slinky dressed up like the Easter Bunny. It took months of practice for her to learn how to hop and try to make bunny noises, instead of meowing.

Here is what she hauled in.

Here is another picture of a cute cat.

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Last Updated: 28 Feb, 1999.

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