Vivian's Animal House

Animals are Children with Fur

These cute critters are some that I have shared my life with. Pesky at times, and returning a great deal of joy at others. Just like kids. And they are house trained in far less time.

So come on in and meet the gang.

Spot is a Dalmatian as you can see. He is a cute as a button, but has the devil inside. His nickname was: The Dog From Hell. We have had many exciting and interesting experiences and memories from Spot. There was the time he got loose in the house and tore down the Xmas tree, ate 3 lbs of fudge, and unraveled a knitted sweater all in the span of 5 minutes. Quite the go-getter.


Caligulia the Doberman is no longer with us. She was a good dog, she was a clever dog. She was a leader, and independent. I am sure that she is in heaven (doggie heaven, lots of grass).


Slinky is our crazy cat. She has been with us since the beginning, over 14 years now. A bargain, the lady at the pet store sold her to me for $10 dollars, and that included shots. She is your average lazy cat. She is very friendly and will instantly come up to any one who comes over and jump in their lap. Oh yea and she purrs real loud too.


This is Harley, he is a Wire Fox Terrier. He likes eating, sleeping, and cute girls.


Theo is the child of my best Friend Denise. She could not have a puppy of her own so she adopted Theo. He is a cute little guy. Quite spirited and Smart. He lives in San Diego, a block away from the ocean.


Here is a picture of Theo relaxing after a long day of chasing cats and cars.


This is Chase, in the backyard of the good home provided by his owner.


This is Milo. He is Grace's furry child. Milo is known for runing the house, being the boss of everything. He can Dance, Sing, and even drive a car. He needs a little help since he can not reach the pedals, but he stears just fine..

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Last Updated: 4 Apr 2005

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