Wine Country

Napa Valley

is a great place to go with friends. We took a little trip to the wine country. We met some friends there and had a great time. We toured the wineries, tasted some wine, and visited some tourist traps. Below is a photo gallery of our trip.

Napa, CA Harvest Festival

Napa Harvest Festival , This picture has Marco, Sheila and Vivian stopping for something to eat.

Wine Tasting, here are those two crazy Italians, Frank and Marco tasting some wine at the harvest festival.

Vivian, Sheila, and Marco , posing by a vintage car.

Old Faithfull Geyser in Calistoga, CA

Old Faithful Geyser in Calistoga. , this is one of only 3 geysers in the world for which the eruptions can be predicted. Currently this geyser is more accurate than the old faithful in Yellowstone National Park.

Here Jeff, Amy and Vivian

Posing by Old Faithful Geyser in Calistoga.

Vivian and Amy, in the hotel lobby.

We took a trip on the wine train. This train takes you on a tour of the Napa Valley, while feeding you great food, and allowing a little wine tasting.

Vivian inside the dining car of the Wine train.

Sheila, Marco, Jeff, and Amy at a table on the wine train, enjoying desert.

Frank enjoying a menage a trois, on the wine train. The drink of course.

Mumm Vineyards

Here is Vivian posing in front of some flowers at Mumm Winery.

Amy, Jeff, Frank and Vivian, in font of some wine racks, at the winery.

A view of the vineyards at the Mumm Winery.

Vivian, Sheila, Marco, and Frank, enjoying some refreshments, at the end of the Mumm Winery Tour.

Some pictures of the Vats used to ferment the wine.

Ferrari-Carano Winery , This picture is a shot of their large fountian.

Vivian on the way down to the wine cellars of Ferrari-Carano.

Wine cellars at Ferrari-Carano.

Marco, Sheila, and Vivian, in front of a winepress in the wine cellar.


in the flower garden at Ferrari-Carano.

Another shot of the garden at Ferrari-Carano.

Vivian by a silver ball, in the Ferrari-Carano gardens.

Some of the garden walk at Ferrari-Carano Winery.

Monterey, CA

After visiting the wine country, we drove down the West Coast of California, stoping along the way. Monterey was one such stop.

Nourishment was an inportant part of the trip.

A shot of the pier at Monterey, CA.

A view of the ocean from the Monterey pier.

Vivian with a bust of John Steinbeck.

Pismo Beach

Our next stop was Pismo Beach, where we took in the sights..

Chuck's House

On our way back from Napa, we stopped off at Frank's old Air Force Buddy, Chuck. We spent a delightfull evening, having a great dinner with great friends.

here is a shot of Frank and Chuck.

Chuck and Patricia, aren't they a cute couple?

Next stop on our trip was Solvang, CA

Here is vivian next to a bust of Hans Christian Anderson, that famous spinner of stroies.

Vivian posing by carved wooden bear.

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