One Sunday checking out cars at the 57th annual Hot Rod show in Pomona CA

An autographed picture by Chip Foose.
Chip Foose, the car designer, from the show Overhauling, signing autographs.

Now some of the cars from the show

This one had a great paint job and was fully restored.

As dose this one and most of the cars at the show.

Another beauty.
a gold one this time

A car looking like it could belong to the Jetsons.
Voted as Americas most beautiful Roadster, this striking red one would be my choice also.

and a cool yellow one.
Pretty Blue
GOld and Silver, cool.

Another Red beauty
A fansastic Silver model

Another Stunnig Red one
A very nice two tone orange and black.

yellow mustang.
Red and Silver always a good combo.

Another candy apple red.
Golden yellow?

Tangerine and white.

Cobalt Blue, I like!

orange with purple flames

Tangerine and white again.
Blue with red flames.

Black and orange

Black and orange.
Black and Silver, Cool!

Now for some Bikes (Choppers). These have some wicked paint jobs.

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