Frank Lombano, M.D.


Professional Automotive portraits.
Photo session at our studio or the location of your choosing. You are proud of your car, why not have a quality portriat of it in your office or man cave. Our unique proprietary method of printing your photo will wow your friends.

Classic Car Photography & Prints

Bent Iron Forge.
With the raw elements of Fire and Air the Blacksmith must translate the artistic idea from his mind to the steel, forcing the steel to yield to the shape he desires using only the brute force of hammer and anvil.

Bent Iron Forge

Visual Perceptions by Lombano
Photographs from a different perspective. Sometimes capturing an image at an angle, or distance the object is not normally seen at creates interesting art.

Visual Perceptions by Lombano

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See art created from many different media, including steel, wood, fiberglass, glass, and photography

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